Online Training Approaches Could Earn Building Companies an Award

Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd’s approach to the workplace health and safety, have won them National Workplace Health and Safety Award in the Master Builders National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards for 2011. Hansen Yuncken have been awarded for their approach in health and safety at their Bengalla Mining Company Expansion Project.

The Bengalla Project is one of Hansen Yuncken’s “Think About It – Safety First” campaigns on health and safety in construction. The objectives of Hansen Yuncken were no workplace injuries, no damage to property, equipment, or plant damage. This would set the bar very high for other companies who would want to be awarded this award.

First and foremost, every worker or builder in the construction & building had completed a white card. The pass is very important in certifying that the worker is aware on the precautions and safety measures in building and construction.  For companies who would want to be considered for this award, strongly encouraging your workers to acquire a white card is one of the things that you should concentrate on.

If all of a company’s workers have a white card, it would reduce the risk of hazardous management approaches to deliver safe work sites. This could also make way for a nomination for a National Workplace Health and Safety Award.  Requiring builders to own a white card indicates that the company is taking measures to deliver their commitment to health and safety.

In fact, getting the pass is not as hard as you think. Every worker can get the card very easily and without hassle through online training courses available on the internet.  There are several reliable online schools that have health and safety courses which would allow workers to acquire a white card in a few weeks.  Try one now!

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