White Card: Your Entry Pass For Construction Site Jobs

A white card is issued at the completion of safety course training in the Construction sector.   It is very important for workers to acquire this card before planning to work on construction sites because failure to present a white card is illegal under certain state laws. The government of Australia issued that individuals must carry a white card if they intend to work on construction sites. Hence, obtaining such a card is mandatory in Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia.

You can complete this in different ways such as online training or through classroom-based training.  The construction training will require a maximum of 6 hours through an approved online training course. This is the most convenient way to acquire a white card especially for those who have busy schedules.

Courses such as construction training, teaches an individual the laws and requirements in the construction industry, to know the hazards of the construction sites on their job, the duty to keep themselves and their co-workers on the site and information that will ensure that they will carry out the required actions to meet all safety requirements at construction sites.

The card permits the individual to enter and work on construction jobs such as building, extending, erecting, converting, renovating, repairing, commissioning, and disassembling a building as well as any other related construction project.  Having a white card, is not only essential but also ensures that each individual entering or working at a construction site meets the required safety standards.

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