Public Experiment Reveals Importance of White Card Training

A recent experiment conducted revealed the importance of onsite safety training for supervisors and employers. As most workers have the tendency to follow orders before considering safety, it is essential that construction supervisors undergo online training classes for onsite safety. The experiment included a supervisor and an apprentice, both played by actors. Passers-by were asked to pass on a supposed ‘live’ wire to the apprentice.

More than 90% of the passers-by handed over the wire to the apprentice despite being warned of the ‘danger’. Even when the apprentice faked a shock, they picked up the cable and gave it to him again. With more importance given to productivity rather than safety, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure the safety of the workers. This is where extensive training for a white card proves useful.

The experiment showed that most people had respect for authority and did not question their safety when they were asked to do something. This attitude places the onus on employers and supervisors who must not ask workers to carry out unsafe activities. The attitude of the workers towards safety largely depends on their supervisor. If the supervisor does not place importance on safety, chances that workers value onsite safety also decreases.

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