Western Australia Encourages Pregnant Women to Abstain From Alcohol

The moral responsibility of West Australians has come to the forefront over increasing concerns of selling alcohol to to-be mothers. Reports indicate that luxury hotels are refusing alcoholic beverages to pregnant women. CEO of AHA (Australian Hotel Association) Western Australia Bradley Woods says that employees at liquor outlets and hospitality workers are not sure if they are legally obliged to serve alcohol to pregnant women.

The issue gained prominence when an advertising campaign from a the state government encouraged women who were pregnant to abstain from the consumption of alcohol.

Western Australia is holding hearings this week with regard to foetal alcohol syndrome following an enquiry from the federal parliament.

The campaign is picking up pace and posters that say ‘abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy is the safest step forward’ are being put up at several places. While banning pregnant women from consuming alcohol may be an option, the campaign stresses on educating them first before being forced into creating such a law. Bartenders and hospitality workers who have undergone RSA courses in alcohol serving will be trained on how to handle situations in a bar or restaurant. It is absolutely vital that you have the requisite training before applying for a job in the country’s hospitality sector.

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