Australia Considering National Minimum Price for Alcohol Sales

Alcohol may be charged at a nation-wide minimum price in Australia and hotels have already started their fight-back. The AHA (Australian Hotels Association) has requested the centralised government to dismiss the notion of charging a national starting price on booze.  The ANPHA (Australian National Preventative Health Agency) wants to set a minimum price for sales of alcohol in Australia – something that faces strong opposition from the AHA.

The National CEO of the AHA, Des Crowe said that drink prices would be forced up by introducing a starting price, and the moderate consumers wouldn’t be as impacted as the problem drinkers. The AHA presented its argument by saying that the rule of a minimum price would have an impact on responsible drinkers more than the others, as problem drinkers are most likely to carry on with alcohol abuse, no matter how much they are charged. They think that a large group of people will face financial hardships, without altering the alcohol consumption of the problem drinkers.

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