RSA Training News: Qantas Airways Captain Suspended – Drunk!

According to a new report, the Boeing 737-300 double-engine jet’s captain of Qantas Airways was suspended from the plane’s cockpit only moments before her scheduled take off to Brisbane, from Sydney. Qantas Airways has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol intake by staff members who are on duty, regardless of what levels are detected in the blood. It was the flight attendants who suspected the pilot’s behaviour and reported the same to the operation centre soon after the aircraft left the gate toward departure.

There were over 250 passengers on board for the trip to Queensland’s Gold Coast City. The pilot was asked to leave the cockpit immediately once detected and the jet was made to return to Kingsford-Smith Airport’s gate. After assigning a substitute captain to replace the flight officer who was suspended, the aircraft took off to Brisbane. CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) has been informed of the incident by the airline. A full investigation is set to be conducted and the trial will begin after the findings have been collected in one month’s time.

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