Mobile Gambling Poses Threat to Bars, Casinos and Clubs

The use of internet gambling and smart phones has increased tremendously in Australia, posing a threat to the country’s casinos, clubs and pubs. The revenues generated from a betting site’s cell phone users increased by over 240% last year. New applications for mobile phones are anticipated to drive an increasing number of people towards further usage.

Dr. Sally Gainsbury from the Centre for Gambling Education Research of the Southern Cross University said that mobile gambling has made a major shift in the online gambling industry. Gainsubury has been in attendance at the Wagering, Racing and Gaming Australia conferences in Sydney, and she believes that mobile phone usage is growing increasingly.

Many online casinos are reporting huge increases in revenues thanks to their mobile operations. The fact that people can now wager on a 24X7 basis as their phones are always on their person appeals to a lot of them, and works as a force to drive more and more people towards making the most of such a convenience. While the casinos, pubs and clubs in the country are facing a tough challenge from mobile phone usage, the owners of casinos are pleased to see their mobile ventures pay off.

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Hard-Hitting Reforms Considered for Alcohol Abused Australia

Alcohol abuse in Australia has reached a point where new laws are being created to ensure that citizens don’t get out of hand. The country’s Brewers’ Association says that liquor licenses being bought back may be warranted in places where clubs and pubs are in good numbers. Denita Wawn, the association head agreed to the notion and said that restricting the trading hours can be considered if the country is to bring down problems related to alcohol.

Tom Kelly, the eighteen year old who was murdered earlier this year in Kings Cross, has sparked a long flaming debate regarding the way in which the country manages alcohol. Liquor outlets in Australia have grown tremendously over the past twenty years, and even trading hours have been extended.

However, it’s the first time that the alcohol sector in the country has thought about inflicting consumers with reforms that will hit them hard. Australia’s Brewers’ Association represents huge companies such as Carlton United Brewery (CUB) and Lion & Coopers. Derita Wawn is of the opinion that governments might have to buy back licenses where clubs and pubs flourish if the country’s alcohol-related issues are to be resolved.

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