What is a Pre-apprenticeship Course?

Getting an apprenticeship in the construction industry isn’t always easy. The number of people wanting to get into a trade is increasing annually, but the recent downturn in the economy has meant that many construction companies are reluctant to take on apprentices while work security remains uncertain. Competition for apprenticeships has become fierce and employers in the market for an apprentice are looking closely at the level of knowledge and skills that the applicants already possess. A pre-apprenticeship course is a great way to get the edge over other applicants when trying to secure an apprenticeship. The courses are designed to give an overview of construction related trades and are intended to lead into an Australian apprenticeship. The training incorporates both practical work experience and a theoretical component focusing on industry specific skills and employability in general. Pre-apprenticeship course take 6 months to complete, either full time or part time, and successful graduates have an excellent chance of securing an apprenticeship or job placement at the completion of the course.

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways has an online Pre-apprenticeship Course Finder to assist in finding a suitable course near you.

To participate in the practical work experience component of the course, all pre-apprenticeship students will be required to obtain a construction White Card. Click here to get your White Card online today.