Investigating General Workplace Safety

This week we investigate general workplace safety and an overview of recent statistics paints a frightening picture.

The below information is taken from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland website:

  • For the period January – June 2012, 19 fatalities were recorded
  • 19 fatalities included 17 workers and 2 bystanders
  • This figure includes fatalities resulting from work related trauma at the workplace only. It does not include commuting fatalities / medical intervention or natural causes.
  • The rural sector (including agriculture, forestry and fishing) and the construction sector had the highest number of fatalities (6 each).
  • The most common nature of injury for fatalities during the period was ‘internal injury of chest, abdomen and pelvis’ and ‘Multiple injuries’ (6 each), followed by ‘brain injury’ and ‘electrocution’ (2 each)
  • Being hit by objects’ was the most common incident mechanism (5) among fatalities during the period, followed by ‘vehicle incidents’ (3)
  • ‘Farm Worker’ was the most common occupation group (5) for workers who died during the period, followed by ‘plant operator’ and ‘truck driver’ (3 each). Bystanders accounted for 2 deaths

Makes for sober reading doesn’t it.

As passionate safety professionals, NT encourages all workers to be actively and consciously aware of staying safe at the workplace each and every day / night.

Gladstone Mining Jobs

The mining boom has seen a huge increase in mining jobs and the opportunity to make some big money fast. Gladstone Queensland is a popular choice for workers looking for mining jobs and has a large range of both skilled and unskilled jobs for those prepared to put in the hard work. Gladstone mining jobs include cooking, cleaning, administration, truck driving and labouring along with most trades and a range of traineeships from lab technicians to first aid officers.

A legal requirement for a majority of Gladstone mining jobs is a White Card. A White Card course is an entry level, basic safety course for the construction industry and can be used for all construction jobs throughout Australia including mining industry jobs. Narbil training offers an online White Card course that can be completed online 24 hours a day in an average of 2 to 4 hours. The course is only $55 or $39 for students, and there is no charge until after the course if passed.

Once you have attained your White Card, finding a job should be relatively easy. Gladstone mining jobs can be found on online recruitment sites, community notice boards and on the websites of major Gladstone mining companies including GLNG, Bechtel Australia, Rio Tinto, Arrow Energy and QER. There are also a number of websites dedicated to mining jobs such as, and Gladstone mining jobs offer excellent opportunities to back packers, gap year students and travellers along with those looking for traineeships or even just a change in scenery.