RSG News: Victoria’s Number One Poker Machine Venue

In the north ofMelbourne, at around 10 AM on a cold Wednesday morning, where just a few shops are open at theEppingPlazaand only few have any customers, one business is enjoying bustling trade.Victoria’s most popular poker machine venue, the Epping Plaza Hotel sees over $57,000 lost on its pokies by the end of the day, and these losses are repeated daily.

It’s a result only few people would have foreseen about twenty years ago, when the first two poker machine venues were introduced toVictoria, in Croydon and Footscray. But, while there has been a massive increase in the level of player losses and the number of machines, some things still remain the same. Although the casino has some of the most sophisticated machines in the world, there has yet to be a switch to e-payments for losses. The venue echoes with the clattering of gold coins on silver trays – money from the payout. It’s a trick to encourage the clueless punters to go on hitting the button with the hope of a big win.

More than half of the venue’s poker machines are at least forty years old, and evenly split between women and men. The venue carries on operation for almost the entire day, only closing for four hours due to legal regulations. With the increasing popularity of gambling games like slots, roulette and video poker among others, there is more emphasis on RSG courses that prepare hospitality industry workers to deal with different scenarios and manage patrons properly.

Betting Coup Looked Into Seriously by IOC Boss

The president of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge condemned a betting coup that was apparent on the Australian flag bearer’s identity at the Olympic Games in London this year. Lauren Jackson, the basketball player was at $31 to $1.50 before she was announced as the athlete who would carry the nation’s flag at the Game’s opening ceremony.

There were suggestions that pointed towards athletes being involved in betting, but even if they were, Rogge said that they had not broken any rules. With the athletes not allowed to gamble on any sporting event during the course of the Olympic Games, Rogge admitted that he wasn’t okay with the suggestion.

He said that it does not breach any law, and also has no effect on the result of the sport. He also went on to say that it does not manipulate the competition as some suggest. Rogge also assured that the match-fixing and betting subject was going to be monitored thoroughly. The rule stands that no athlete is allowed to bet on sports being held at the Olympic Games, and Rogge says that the matter is something that they are looking to fight.

RSG courses are necessary for any individual looking for a job in the hospitality sector in Australia as it teaches students the requisites of handling gambling related issues.

Food Safety News: Vegetable and Fruit Traceability Queried

New Zealand and Australia are facing a food safety scare and the need for traceability of fresh produce is raising several questions. Delegates were addressed by food health specialists at the Produce Marketing Association – New Zealand and Australia Fresh Connections 2012 conference that was held in June in Melbourne.

Dr. Craig Shadbolt, the unit manager for foodborne illness investigation of the NSW Food Authority spoke on local and international experiences of disease outbreaks caused by small crops.  The United States FDA reported that 146 people were infected with the outbreak-associated diseases along with thirty deaths and a pregnancy miscarriage.

Jensen Farms, Colorado is said to be the place where the outbreak occurred, where inappropriate sanitation procedures were prominent for the transmission of the disease, along with the use of 2nd hand equipment. All rockmelons that came from Jensen Farms were prompted to be recalled. Mr. Shadbolt explained how Jensen Farms faced numerous lawsuits before going bankrupt after the outbreak, while the whole rockmelon sector in the US collapsed overnight.

He says that the incident played a major role in highlighting the need for Aussie farmers to make vegetable and fruit tracking mechanisms available on their farms, along with the need for training courses in food safety.

NSW Construction Sector Receives Budget Boost in Housing

The recent measures adopted to attract the attention of homebuyers have spelt an important boost for the struggling construction sector in New South Wales. The recent state budget announced that the grant for first time buyers will be doubled to $15,000 while all other homebuyers will also receive a $5,000 grant. This step is likely to encourage property purchasing, giving the construction industry a lot to cheer for.

The latent housing sector in New South Wales has been causing significant losses to the economy and the people and these measures could ease the issue. Construction workers with a white card certification can look forward to increased activity in the state. The new state budget allocates $561 million to boost construction in the housing market, $481 million of which will be used for critical infrastructure measures around NSW.

Approximately $30 million will be invested in an infrastructure renewal scheme to assist new infrastructure worth over $1 billion. Local councils will also be provided with incentives of $50 million to set up essential infrastructure around the state. Owing to the high taxes in the state’s housing sector, the state has suffered in the past. However, these new incentives are expected to bring much needed relief to the construction industry, particularly to workers undergoing online training courses for white card and construction.

Online Training Approaches Could Earn Building Companies an Award

Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd’s approach to the workplace health and safety, have won them National Workplace Health and Safety Award in the Master Builders National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards for 2011. Hansen Yuncken have been awarded for their approach in health and safety at their Bengalla Mining Company Expansion Project.

The Bengalla Project is one of Hansen Yuncken’s “Think About It – Safety First” campaigns on health and safety in construction. The objectives of Hansen Yuncken were no workplace injuries, no damage to property, equipment, or plant damage. This would set the bar very high for other companies who would want to be awarded this award.

First and foremost, every worker or builder in the construction & building had completed a white card. The pass is very important in certifying that the worker is aware on the precautions and safety measures in building and construction.  For companies who would want to be considered for this award, strongly encouraging your workers to acquire a white card is one of the things that you should concentrate on.

If all of a company’s workers have a white card, it would reduce the risk of hazardous management approaches to deliver safe work sites. This could also make way for a nomination for a National Workplace Health and Safety Award.  Requiring builders to own a white card indicates that the company is taking measures to deliver their commitment to health and safety.

In fact, getting the pass is not as hard as you think. Every worker can get the card very easily and without hassle through online training courses available on the internet.  There are several reliable online schools that have health and safety courses which would allow workers to acquire a white card in a few weeks.  Try one now!

Asbestos in Homes, a Danger to the Home Owners

Research conducted by the University of Western Australia found that home renovation’s exposes individuals to the dangers of asbestos. There are clear initiatives aimed at alerting several home owners to this kind of danger.  Inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious illness.

There are safety precautions to be taken when renovating or building your home.  Asbestos, if it is kept in good condition during renovations will not pose a health or safety risk to owner’s safety.  Home builders have legal obligations under harmonized work health and safety laws.  Builders should be trained on how asbestos should be properly managed and removed.

Master Builders Australia, which is the governing body for the building and construction industry in Australia, plans to remove asbestos from all homes in the long term. There are several educational initiatives made to inform home owners and builders on safety and health risks of asbestos.  At the same time, builders are encouraged to take several safety building and construction programs so that they become certified in safety construction measures.  Home owners who want to make sure that the contractors they are hiring are certified on safety and precaution measures can demand to see if the workers own a white card.

Builders can conveniently take several safety construction courses online to acquire a white card. There are several courses to choose from and it will only take a few weeks or days, depending on your chosen pace.  Online training courses on the dangers of asbestos as well as safety precautions in renovation and construction projects are included in the training course which is performed online.

Online Training Courses To Give an Edge in a Struggling Economy

Construction work in Australia rose in the September quarter of this year. However, there is a widening gap between the mining-relation engineering construction industries.  Economist Peter Jones said that with major sectors in the construction industry caught in “the slow lane of a two speed economy,” the RBA would need to cut the rates even more.

With the results from MasterBuilders’ survey, figures confirm that there is a remarkable spin in how builders think about the work as commercial and residential construction related spending programs end. The business is tough and current state of the current world economy does not help one bit.

The negative growth trend of the construction industry should not only call for policy change, even workers in this industry should take additional courses if they want to succeed in the industry. There are several online training courses available that would be very helpful for every construction worker. Taking these courses would help them gain the edge they looking for in this very competitive industry.

Workers should not worry because there are still several opportunities available because there is a strong increase in the residential, commercial, and non-commercial building sectors of the industry. Mega-mining work and project ramps up and workers should definitely take this opportunity. Online training courses to obtain several certifications would help in acquiring construction work for these increasing projects.

All in all, a divide in the construction and building company along with the booming engineering construction in the mining boom, this should motivate several workers to enrol in several online training courses that would help them succeed in a weak post GFC economy struggling to recover.

Online Training Courses

Construction sites anywhere in the world require construction safety cards. This construction safety card is needed for construction workers, architects, engineers, electrician, soil testers, and other on-site construction jobs. It prevents accidents and injury on construction sites.  It also ensures that the employees are being protected by the government by this kind of manual and dangerous labour.

If you are not trained in Health and Safety courses as well as basic construction safety, you will find difficulty in getting hired for any construction work.  Construction white cards can be obtained through enrolling in online training courses. In the past years, it is being taught through a student-lecturer setting and this kind of classroom courses took for about 10 hours.

Today, the internet provides convenience to those who would like to apply for construction cards so individuals can be trained and would be able to work on construction sites with the necessary requirements. All you have to do is to take some online courses from appropriate online providers. You can obtain white cards with online courses that last for only two to three hours. This online education demands only a personal computer and internet connectivity. These online training courses are beneficial to most people as it trains them at a convenient schedule.

Training courses online improves individuals’ knowledge and enhances their skills to become more efficient and effective on a construction job. Getting appropriate training courses will be very essential in the construction industry. It will be the training ground for a good construction career.