Students Undertake RSA Training to Work in Bars

An increasing number of high school students in Australia are considering a temporary career working at bars. To supplement their college education with extra money, some students are excited about their prospects working in local establishments and undergoing training courses for responsible service of alcohol.

Students in New South Wales have been showing a growing interest in supporting their scholarships with jobs as fitness trainers, bar employees and other fields. To further encourage education among deserving students, the Mid-Richmond Education Fund chipped in to provide much needed funding for studies and trade equipment. One student from Coraki hopes to become an army psychologist and is currently looking forward to study psychology. Recently completing her RSA courses, the soon to be 18-year is all set to work in local bars during her study.

The noble education fund was initiated by residents and after two years of planning, the fund will finally take effect. The MREF aims at providing funds to young students without financial aid. Most residents showed immense support for the initiative and contributed financially to make it a success. The group is registered as a tax concession charity. This allows charitable folks to give and receive benefit for their donations through tax deductions.

How to Throw a Safe and Responsible Party

Many parties in Victoriahave been shut down on account of unruly people and irresponsible consumption of alcohol. To minimise such incidents, Victoria Police recently introduced the Partysafe program. The program is set to go online in hopes of encouraging more people to register their events. Although the plan is not completely foolproof, it will help the police stay informed of the parties in the neighbourhood. Using the information registered by party hosts, the police can regularly check up on the venue to ensure that the party is under control.

Apart from registering with the Partysafe program, you can adopt several measures to ensure that your party is fun and under control. Hire security to ensure only the invited guests enter the home. If the party is mainly dominated by teenagers, monitor the alcohol consumption carefully. Ensure that all drinkers are at least 18 years or older. Keep a responsible adult in charge of the alcohol, preferably someone with prior knowledge of RSA courses.

If your party is inclusive of music and dance, it is best to inform the neighbours in advance to avoid giving them nasty surprises. Have a strict deadline for the party and ensure that everyone leaves safely at the time. You can also order taxis beforehand to ensure that transport is readily available.

Early Hotel Closures Linked to Reduction in Alcohol-Related Crime

A recent research conducted in New South Walessuggests that hotels that closed earlier than other establishments helped reduce crimes caused by alcohol consumption. A gambling expert from Deakin University sought the attention of regulators in Victoriain efforts to minimise harm caused by problem gambling and excessive consumption of alcohol in the region.

The new research was headed by the Director of Population Health Dr John Wiggers and was presented at a recent forum held inMelbourne. According to the research findings, hotels that closed as early as 3 am showed a reduction of 35% in assaults and 50% reduction in late night street offences that caught the police eye. Local hospitals also recorded a reduction of 26% in late night admissions of injured persons. After selecting about 376 people on random, it was found that 77% of the participants supported early closure while over 80% backed lock outs.

Citing these numbers, members of the research study suggested that authorities in Victoria follow similar procedures to reduce offences related to alcohol abuse. A six month trial in early closures paired with hiring staff trained in RSA courses could have a dramatic impact on crime rates in Australia. Similar methods can also be adopted for casinos by regulating problem gamblers through online training courses in responsible service.

Learning Modules of an RSA Course

It is compulsory to do a course in RSA if you’re looking for a job in the hospitality sector where alcohol is served. Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) is a certificate course that is accredited nationally and will give you the knowledge required to serve alcohol with regards to responsible service standards and liquor licensing regulation.

The learning modules covered by the RSA courses will include the definition of a standard drink and the right measurements to serve customers. Liquor boards are strict when it comes to standards on alcohol that is served in glasses of different sizes.

You will also learn about the varying strengths of different alcoholic beverages. Understanding the content of alcohol in different drinks is important as it helps you monitor and regulate the quantity of liquor consumed by customers and moderate their consumption accordingly.

The module covers the effects alcohol can have on the body. This aspect will help in identifying the states of inebriation. When you know the effects alcohol can have on the human body, your decision making will get better and you will know exactly how much of alcohol is appropriate to be consumed by a patron.

The module also covers the negative effects alcohol can have on the society. Alcohol abuse affects the community, and here, you will be taught about these effects and help in making you a more careful individual. Through these training courses you can also learn to recognize an alcohol impaired person and prevent them from consuming excessive alcohol.

The Importance of RSA Training

There are several employment opportunities in the Australian hospitality industry, with thousands of venues owning a liquor license. However, certain criteria must be met before working at a licensed venue. Whether it is bartending, security or in-house entertainment, working in licensed venues requires the completion of a training course in Responsible Service of Alcohol.

RSA courses help the hospitality staff manage the service of alcohol and prevent intoxicated patrons from danger. This short course allows you to handle sales and distribution of alcohol responsibly. Online training courses in RSA include important subjects like the legal issues surrounding alcohol, driving under influence, recognising intoxicated customers and handling them responsibly, and numerous strategies surrounding responsible alcohol service.

If you have received RSA training in one state, this may not be applicable in other parts of the country. You may have to undergo a simple bridging course to match the state laws. Students undergoing RSA training should be able to assess and implement the recommended strategies. This includes identifying intoxicated or under aged drinkers and refusing the sale of alcohol in necessary situations.

Employees in the hospitality industry should also foster positive relations with patrons and ensure their safety while providing quality services. RSA training also covers subjects like safe options for transportation, self-auditing to implement responsible practices, and maintaining safety in the premises.