NSW Construction Sector Receives Budget Boost in Housing

The recent measures adopted to attract the attention of homebuyers have spelt an important boost for the struggling construction sector in New South Wales. The recent state budget announced that the grant for first time buyers will be doubled to $15,000 while all other homebuyers will also receive a $5,000 grant. This step is likely to encourage property purchasing, giving the construction industry a lot to cheer for.

The latent housing sector in New South Wales has been causing significant losses to the economy and the people and these measures could ease the issue. Construction workers with a white card certification can look forward to increased activity in the state. The new state budget allocates $561 million to boost construction in the housing market, $481 million of which will be used for critical infrastructure measures around NSW.

Approximately $30 million will be invested in an infrastructure renewal scheme to assist new infrastructure worth over $1 billion. Local councils will also be provided with incentives of $50 million to set up essential infrastructure around the state. Owing to the high taxes in the state’s housing sector, the state has suffered in the past. However, these new incentives are expected to bring much needed relief to the construction industry, particularly to workers undergoing online training courses for white card and construction.

Public Experiment Reveals Importance of White Card Training

A recent experiment conducted revealed the importance of onsite safety training for supervisors and employers. As most workers have the tendency to follow orders before considering safety, it is essential that construction supervisors undergo online training classes for onsite safety. The experiment included a supervisor and an apprentice, both played by actors. Passers-by were asked to pass on a supposed ‘live’ wire to the apprentice.

More than 90% of the passers-by handed over the wire to the apprentice despite being warned of the ‘danger’. Even when the apprentice faked a shock, they picked up the cable and gave it to him again. With more importance given to productivity rather than safety, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure the safety of the workers. This is where extensive training for a white card proves useful.

The experiment showed that most people had respect for authority and did not question their safety when they were asked to do something. This attitude places the onus on employers and supervisors who must not ask workers to carry out unsafe activities. The attitude of the workers towards safety largely depends on their supervisor. If the supervisor does not place importance on safety, chances that workers value onsite safety also decreases.

White Card Training for Safe Driving at Mining Sites

The recent launch of the Courteous and Safe Driving Guide inNew South Walesbrought to focus the importance of road safety adopted by mining workers. In answer to the increasing traffic in many parts of NSW, the guide is aimed at encouraging responsible driving to project mining as a safe industry.

The guide stresses upon additional safety training over regular white card training. Drivers in the mining industry are expected to behave responsibly outside the site as well. Mining drivers are advised to secure the load safely to prevent obstructing other drivers. They should also display patience and be considerate of residents, businesses and communities in the vicinity. Mining drivers are asked to follow road rules and avoid littering. The guide helps drivers manage stress and fatigue with regular rests and driving in shifts.

Online training courses in road safety can greatly help mining drivers employ the right attitude on the road. One of the main reasons to introduce driving guidelines for mining workers is to ensure maximum safety of pedestrians, motorists and other residents. To minimise incidents of road accidents and mishaps and manage increasing traffic, mining workers can benefit from the Courteous and Safe Driving Guide.

What You Should Know About White Card Training in Queensland

Every professional working in the construction industry in Queensland is required to have a white card by law. Previously known as the green card, these cards are a necessary requirement at the construction site to ensure your safety as well as of those around you. All professionals working in any capacity within the construction industry should undergo training to earn white cards. This includes labourers, supervisors, project managers, apprentices, trainees, foremen as well as self employed professionals.

With a short course ranging between 2-4 hours, online training courses for white cards are open for construction aspirants over the age of 14. After completing the training, you will be capable of identifying onsite dangers. Being knowledgeable about the safety procedures of a construction decreases your workers’ insurance premium rates and greatly reduces the risk of onsite injuries.

After completing the course, you will be awarded a statement of attainment that will include your white card number. By producing this statement, you can begin working in construction immediately. Even if you have completed your online course for a white card in Queensland, this certification is recognised nationally. However, it is best to complete an induction course in construction if you plan to work in construction outside Queensland.

Why You Should Consider a White Card

White cards are permits that allow building professionals, apprentices as well as trainees to work at construction sites. White cards are relatively recent and are a must for employed professionals and unescorted visitors. To maintain a high safety standard, OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) issues white cards that are recognised in all parts of Australia.

A white card is proof that you have successfully completed an induction course through a registered training organisation. Civil constructions, housing constructions, repairs, renovations, carpentry, plumbing, bricklaying, concreting, asbestos removal, as well as tiling of floors, roofs and walls require white cards. Construction employees found without suitable qualifications risk a steep fine of $11,000 while employers can face penalty points.

Without white cards, employees are not allowed to even enter the building site. White cards allotted by OHS ensure the employers that the construction worker is aware of the potential risks and safety regulations. Workers should be skilled to handle onsite emergencies and keep risks to a minimum. Construction workers with white cards are aware of safety precautions as well as stay up-to-date with the legalities of the construction industry. If you are planning to work in the construction industry, online training courses are a convenient way to complete the induction course and earn a white card.

Understanding On-Site Safety Basics with the White Card

Blue collar workers employed on-site must be aware of the health and safety risks involved in the construction industry. They should not only understand their duties but also assess if industry best practices are being followed, and employers are fulfilling their responsibilities as mandated by law. The training for a white card from a registered training organization familiarizes students with critical health and safety issues.

What should the training involve? Risk management principles should definitely form part of the curriculum – students should learn about the associated hazards, assess risks, and get a brief idea about how risks can be controlled, monitored and reviewed. Some of the common hazards include handling of potentially toxic/dangerous substances, UV radiation, working at heights, confined spaces, cold or hot work environments, electrical shocks and infectious diseases.

Students should also be taught to follow the appropriate behaviour on the job, treat fellow workers with respect, and ensure personal health and safety by wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) and adhering to employee instructions. They should be aware of their legal options in the event of accidents or injuries at the workplace too. With online training courses, getting a white card in Queensland has become quick and convenient. With a little effort, you can get one and embark on a successful career in the construction industry.

Online Training Approaches Could Earn Building Companies an Award

Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd’s approach to the workplace health and safety, have won them National Workplace Health and Safety Award in the Master Builders National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards for 2011. Hansen Yuncken have been awarded for their approach in health and safety at their Bengalla Mining Company Expansion Project.

The Bengalla Project is one of Hansen Yuncken’s “Think About It – Safety First” campaigns on health and safety in construction. The objectives of Hansen Yuncken were no workplace injuries, no damage to property, equipment, or plant damage. This would set the bar very high for other companies who would want to be awarded this award.

First and foremost, every worker or builder in the construction & building had completed a white card. The pass is very important in certifying that the worker is aware on the precautions and safety measures in building and construction.  For companies who would want to be considered for this award, strongly encouraging your workers to acquire a white card is one of the things that you should concentrate on.

If all of a company’s workers have a white card, it would reduce the risk of hazardous management approaches to deliver safe work sites. This could also make way for a nomination for a National Workplace Health and Safety Award.  Requiring builders to own a white card indicates that the company is taking measures to deliver their commitment to health and safety.

In fact, getting the pass is not as hard as you think. Every worker can get the card very easily and without hassle through online training courses available on the internet.  There are several reliable online schools that have health and safety courses which would allow workers to acquire a white card in a few weeks.  Try one now!

Asbestos in Homes, a Danger to the Home Owners

Research conducted by the University of Western Australia found that home renovation’s exposes individuals to the dangers of asbestos. There are clear initiatives aimed at alerting several home owners to this kind of danger.  Inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious illness.

There are safety precautions to be taken when renovating or building your home.  Asbestos, if it is kept in good condition during renovations will not pose a health or safety risk to owner’s safety.  Home builders have legal obligations under harmonized work health and safety laws.  Builders should be trained on how asbestos should be properly managed and removed.

Master Builders Australia, which is the governing body for the building and construction industry in Australia, plans to remove asbestos from all homes in the long term. There are several educational initiatives made to inform home owners and builders on safety and health risks of asbestos.  At the same time, builders are encouraged to take several safety building and construction programs so that they become certified in safety construction measures.  Home owners who want to make sure that the contractors they are hiring are certified on safety and precaution measures can demand to see if the workers own a white card.

Builders can conveniently take several safety construction courses online to acquire a white card. There are several courses to choose from and it will only take a few weeks or days, depending on your chosen pace.  Online training courses on the dangers of asbestos as well as safety precautions in renovation and construction projects are included in the training course which is performed online.

Workers Mandated To Get a White Card

In 2009, legislation was passed in Australia that mandated construction workers to get a White Card. The White Card is a pass that certifies that a worker is legal to work in a construction project and besides that, the card certifies that the worker is aware of the safety regulations in building and construction work. This law superseded other legislations regarding builders and construction workers.

Acquiring a White Card is obligatory and in 2009, even workers who are already employed and working in a construction project are still obliged to get this pass. Since having a White Card is mandatory, every worker would have to take and enroll courses so that they could obtain this pass.  But there is a simple way to obtain a White Card without quitting your job or taking time off from your job. There are a variety of courses online that will allow you to obtain a White Card quick and easy.

With today’s technological developments, workers have an option to obtain a White Card through enroll online courses. Most of the courses can be watched online at your own time. Each course is made with clear instructions and there is an exam to certify that you understood the course. Depending on the length of the course, workers will be able to obtain your White Card in no time. They can do this in their free time – during the weekend, or before or after work. After getting your White Card, workers can go back to work as usual.

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White Card: Your Entry Pass For Construction Site Jobs

A white card is issued at the completion of safety course training in the Construction sector.   It is very important for workers to acquire this card before planning to work on construction sites because failure to present a white card is illegal under certain state laws. The government of Australia issued that individuals must carry a white card if they intend to work on construction sites. Hence, obtaining such a card is mandatory in Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia.

You can complete this in different ways such as online training or through classroom-based training.  The construction training will require a maximum of 6 hours through an approved online training course. This is the most convenient way to acquire a white card especially for those who have busy schedules.

Courses such as construction training, teaches an individual the laws and requirements in the construction industry, to know the hazards of the construction sites on their job, the duty to keep themselves and their co-workers on the site and information that will ensure that they will carry out the required actions to meet all safety requirements at construction sites.

The card permits the individual to enter and work on construction jobs such as building, extending, erecting, converting, renovating, repairing, commissioning, and disassembling a building as well as any other related construction project.  Having a white card, is not only essential but also ensures that each individual entering or working at a construction site meets the required safety standards.