Responsible Service of Gambling is something we all have to think about. But as a provider or employee of a provider we have an extra responsibility to the public and ourselves. Making the consumsion of alcohol safe for all concerned is something worth stiving for, that is where this course comes into its own.

Do I need to do RSG ?

Anyone who works in the Hospitality Industry should really be obtaining this course. But more importantly if your place of business is a liceenced one, then you have 30 days from the date of employment to obtain a RSG certificate.

If you work behind the bar, do table service or even pick up empty glasses, you should have this course.

Where are RSG accepted ?

This RSG course is accepted in the following states: Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia

Accepted Everywhere

What is required ?

The course has been designed to be completed by almost anyone.

You need to be able to speak English, there is a language and literacy form for those who have trouble with english and wish to see if they are able to complete this course.

You need to have access to a printer at some stage to print off your documents. You can stop the course and sign in anywhere with an internet connection for printing at a friends house or work if you do not have one at home.


How much is it and what methods are available ?

You do not have to pay anything to try our courses and see for your self how easy they are to understand. You can complete the course and even print your identity documents without ever needing to pay.

When you have finished the course you have a number of payment options. Credit Card and Corporate Account are the only online options, our offline options are EFT, Bank Deposit, Cheque, Money Order.

The bridging course is $35 and the full course is $55.


Responsible Service of Gambling is serious.

Our course will help you be prepared!