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Welcome to Narbil Training’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section.

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What payment methods are available?
Narbil Training offers flexible payment options including:

  • Credit card
  • Cash – in person only
  • Bank deposit
  • Cheque or money order
  • Purchase order / corporate account

All payment particulars are displayed on the documentation – printed after completion.

I haven’t received my Statement of Attainment. What’s happened?
Have you checked your emails to ensure your application has been processed (if you use a free email account you will need to check your junk/spam folder)? 

All correspondence we send to participants is via email.  If there is a problem with your documentation, you would have received an email outlining the issue. 

If your paperwork was compliant, an email containing your Certificates would have been sent to the email address you registered on our website with.

Is my Student Number my RSA certificate number?
No.  Your Student Number is a random number assigned to you once you register.  This number allows our company to uniquely identify you.

Can I use this qualification as soon as I have finished the course?
No.  You cannot use the qualification until we have received all of your complying documentation, and your application has been processed.

Once you have received your Statement of Attainment via email, you can then begin using the qualification. 

Your payment receipt is not proof that you have obtained a qualification. 

Do I have to send paperwork in before I get my RSA Certificates?
Yes.  We legally cannot issue a qualification without first receiving all of your complying documentation.

What documentation is required?
The documentation is made available after completion of the training course.

The following outlines the documentation requirements:

  • A copy of your Self Declaration form that you printed from the web site, signed by you.
  • A copy of your Proof of Identity Documents

Acceptable Proof of Identity Documents are –

  • Either one photographic ID document such as your current and valid Driver’s Licence issued by an Australian state or territory; or an 18 plus card; or a current and valid passport; or a school identity card, OR
  • At least three other forms of identification, one of which must bear your current address, such as; a Medicare card, birth certificate, credit card, land title record, rates notice, public utility account such as for electricity, gas, water or road toll, or land line telephone account.

How long does it take to receive my Statement of Attainment once I have sent my forms in?
Once we receive your complying documentation, your application is normally processed within the hour.

Applications are processed between the following hours:

  • 6:00am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday

If your state has daylight savings, please ensure you allow for the time difference (we are based in Queensland).

If you have posted your forms by mail, your application will be delayed as we cannot process your application until your forms have been received.

I need to start work urgently - what’s the quickest way to receive my Statement of Attainment?
As we don’t require original documents, your application may be emailed (preferred method) or faxed to us. 

If you opt for the faxing option, please call us five minutes after you fax you application to ensure your application has come through legible. 

Posting your application by mail is the slowest option and you will not receive your Certificates until your complying documentation arrives to us from Australia Post.

How and when will I receive my Statement of Attainment?
You will receive your Statement of Attainment via email.

Please ensure you check your Junk/Spam mail – especially if using a free email account i.e. Yahoo.

I have lost my Statement of Attainment, what do I do?
Our company can only replace Statement of Attainments issued by us. 

If you have completed training through another provider – you will need to contact them in order to obtain a replacement.

We require a formal request via email for a replacement Statement of Attainment.

Please send an email containing the reason you require the replacement, your full name, date of birth and address to;

What are the specific state requirements for Responsible Service of Alcohol Training?
Below details specific state/territory requirements for Responsible Service of Alcohol Training:

State of Australia

Licensing Body


New South Whales

Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing

NSW - Click Here

Western Australia

Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor

WA - Click Here


Department of Treasury and Finance

TAS - Click Here

South Australia

Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner

SA - Click Here

Australian Capital Territory

Office of Regulatory Services

ACT - Click Here


Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation

QLD - Click Here

Northern Territory

Department of Justice

NT - Click Here


Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation

VIC - Click Here

Note: The above information is from Government websites independent of Narbil Training – the information is subject to change without warning.

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