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Refund Policy

Narbil Training Refund Policy Explained

We may provide you with a refund under the following conditions:

  • If written advice is received by Narbil Training more than 24 hours prior to course commencement Narbil Training will make a full refund of the paid course fees.

  • Once a course has commenced there will be no refund of course fees.

  • If Narbil Training is responsible for cancelling a course, participants are entitled to a full refund. Narbil Training will typically offer an alternate course date.

  • In the case of extenuating circumstances or extreme hardship which prevents participation in a course, an application can be made to Narbil Training for a refund. Submitting an application for extenuating circumstances or extreme hardship does not guarantee a refund.

Please be aware of all of the terms.