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SITHFAB009A – Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol

Nationally Recognised Training under the Australian Quality Training Framework

Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation Approved

This On-Line training resource is owned and operated by Narbil Training & Consulting Services.

Only they and their associates can issue SITHFAB009A – Responsible Service of Alcohol Statements of Attainment and/or Approved Training Course Certificates using this resource.

To complete this course with us you must create a Narbil Training online account if you have not already done so.

You must provide your correct full name. For example, if your name was William John Smith and you registered as Bill Smith it would not be acceptable.

You must carefully read the 'Check State Requirements' link on the previous page.

You may print a copy of your registration details for your own records but you must not reveal your user name or password to anyone other than Narbil Training.

This on-line course is not for everyone. It is presented in English only.

If you feel you may experience difficulty completing the course or experience problems reading or understanding these terms and conditions, please complete our Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment form available under Policy / Procedures on the Home Page and contact us for assistance.

Before we can issue an Approved Training Course Certificate, a participant/student must:

  • Provide us with their completed and signed Self Declaration form - Printed from the web site after completing the course.
  • A copy of their National Statement of Attainment as proof of having completed the Responsible Service of Alcohol National Unit Of Competency – SITHFAB009A
  • Provide us with copies of their Identification document/s, i.e. -

    A Copy of one Photographic Identification, e.g. -
    • A current and valid driver’s license issued by an Australian State or Territory;  or
    • A Proof of Age Card issued by an Australian State or Territory ; or
    • A school identity card; or
    • Other photographic identity card / document issued by an Australian State or Territory such as a Firearms Licence; or
    • A current and valid passport issued by any country.


Copies of at least three other forms of identification such as;

    • A Medicare card, birth certificate, credit card, land title record, rates notice, public utility account such as for electricity, gas, water or road toll, or telephone account etc.

You may send us your documents by Fax, Scan, E-mail (preferred method) or Post.

By proceeding with this on-line training course you are confirming that you have chosen this method of delivery, have been offered Language, Literacy and Numeracy assistance, have read these Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with and be bound by them.

RSA NAT - Version 1 Rev 0, 30092010

Please be aware of all of the terms.