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CPCCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

National Standard Induction for Construction Work.

This On-Line training resource is owned and operated by Narbil Training & Consulting Services, only they and their associates can issue CPCCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in the construction industry "White Cards" or Statements of Attainment using this resource.

To complete this course with us you must register on-line if you have not already done so. The information you provide must be true and complete.

You must provide your correct full name. For example, if your name was William John Smith and you registered as Bill Smith it would not be acceptable.

Contact us or re-register now using a different user name and password if necessary, you cannot alter your name after you start the course.

You may print a copy of your registration details for your own records.
You must not reveal your user name or password to anyone but us.
There is an on-line facility to retrieve forgotten passwords, but not for user names and you will need to call us if you forget it.

This on-line course is not for everyone. It is presented in English only, if you feel you may experience difficulty completing the course or experience problems reading or understanding these terms and conditions, please complete our Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment form available under Policy / Procedures on the Home Page and contact us for assistance.

Effective 1st July 2009 (Updated 1st January 2012) conditions were introduced that must be complied with before we can issue a person with either a "White Card" or Statement of Attainment.

ALL providers of the course must comply with the same Special Conditions and the full document is available under Additional Information Tab.

Some of the conditions (1 to 3) that must be complied with are below.

Participants Must - 

(1) Provide us with Proof of their Identity, i.e. -

  • ORIGINAL (online completion) OR  CERTIFIED COPY of Photographic Identification, i.e. -
    • a current and valid drivers license issued by an Australian State or Territory; or
    • an 18 plus card; or
    • a current and valid passport; or
    • a school identity card.


  • If the participant cannot provide photographic identification they must provide original or certified copies of at least three other forms of identification, one of which must bear their current address, such as;
    • A Medicare card, birth certificate, credit card, land title record, rates notice, public utility account such as for electricity, gas, water or road toll, or land line telephone account.


  • Where Centrelink has paid for the course for the participant, Centrelink approved proof of identity.

"Certified Copies" means copies certified by a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations or Legal Practitioner as being true and correct copies of the original after having sighted such original.
NOTE - Documents certified by other than the above mentioned cannot be accepted (e.g. certified by doctors, chemists, engineers, postal workers etc).

(2) Provide us with a SELF DECLARATION (online completion) OR  STATUTORY DECLARATION (correspondence distance delivery) made by the participant in accordance with part 4 of the Oaths Act 1867 (Qld) declaring:

  • They have identified themselves truthfully for the course undertaken; and
  • That the work submitted during the course was the participants own work; and
  • That the participant has received no assistance from anyone else (other than the trainer of the course) in the completion of an assessment.
  • The Time, Date and Place of the assessment and the number of hours taken by them to complete the course and assessment.

NOTE - A Statutory Declaration form pre filled with the participants name, address, statements and information required to be declared can be printed from the web site after the course is completed and a payment method has been selected. If your name or any information is not complete and correct, or you do not agree with any of the statements to be declared you must contact us before printing or saving a copy of the document.

  • This form MUST BE PRINTED OFF and ALL DETAILS completed by hand – digitally completed forms WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

Effective 20th October 2017 conditions were introduced that must be complied with before we can issue a person with either a "White Card" or Statement of Attainment:

1) A participant must also demonstrate fitting to themselves the following PPE:
* Eye Protection
* Hearing Protection
* Hard Hat
* High Visibility Retro Reflective Vest

2) The participant must have access to the Work Place Health and Safety Act 2011 - Qld

The fitting of the above mentioned PPE MUST be recorded (which Narbil will do via Skype)

The Student Handbook is available under the Additional Information tab contains further information that you are encouraged to read, as it forms part of the terms and conditions.

By proceeding with this on-line training course you are confirming
  • You have chosen this method of delivery, AND
  • Have been offered Language, Literacy and Numeracy assistance, AND
  • You accept that you may be contacted (at random) to have your details and assessment validated, AND
  • You have the required PPE to demonstrate correct fitting AND
  • You have access to The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 - Queensland  AND
  • You have access to Skype  AND
  • Have read these Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with and be bound by them.

Version 1 Rev 2, 20072016

Please be aware of all of the terms.