WA Online White Card Training Course. CPCCWHS1001 - "Prepare to work safely in the construction industry"

WA Construction Induction White Card Online!

White Card WA for $55 or $39 for High School Students

Nationally Accredited Online White Card Training "Accepted Australia Wide"

No payment until you have passed the course!
Credit Card not required, but happily accepted.
Other options - EFT, Bank Deposit, Cheque, Money Order & Corporate Account.
Get working today, with or without a credit card!
There is just no replacement for a top quality service & support team, at Narbil Training getting your Western Australia Safety White Card has never been easier.

Western Australia White Card replaces old WA Blue Card


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White Card WA Training - Online Induction

Narbil Training provides a Fast and Easy Online White Card Induction Training Course for Western Australia. Our aim is to provide all the information and assistance participants require to complete the WA Safety White Card Online at a time and place of their choosing, while maintaining a competitive price and quality outcome (i.e. WA Blue Card) and is Nationally Recognised. The new national standard WA White Card replaces the old Western Australia safety induction course.

Who needs a Western Australia White Card

A WA Construction Induction is legally required in Western Australia by all people performing construction work or wishing to enter WA construction sites unescorted. Narbil Training is licensed to deliver the course "CPCCWHS1001 - PrepaRe to work safEly in the coNstruction industry" and issue National White Cards in Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.

Mutual Recognition of Construction White Cards

All Australian States and Territories have adopted the National Standard White Card Induction, CPCCWHS1001 - "PrepaRe to work safEly in the coNstruction industry".

White Cards now replace the WA (Western Australia) and QLD Blue Cards, VIC Red Card and NSW Green Card and White Cards issued prior to Sept. 2009.

Some of these previously issued cards are still mutually recognised in all States and Territories, regardless of which State they were issued by.

All States and Territories issue the new National Standard White Card and all of these cards are mutually recognised across State and Territory borders - i.e. if you have a card issued in one jurisdiction it is recognised in all other States and Territories.

However, to have your induction White Card mutually recognised in ALL jurisdictions the general principle is that you should complete the induction course delivered by the State or Territory in which you normally reside in, or are working in now.

Some work places may implement a higher standard than what is legally required, so it is recommended that you check with your employer as to what construction induction is necessary.

Western Australia White Card Costs

$55 Normal Cost.
$39 for High School Students
High School Discounts
Participants MUST provide current High School Student identification to receive the discount.
Western Australia

Western Australia (WA) White Card Online Training Course

Course Name:CPCCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in the construction industry.
Duration / Type:2-4 hrs (average) / Online
This Course is for:Anyone who is, or intends to, work in the construction industry or enter construction sites unescorted.
Course Outcome:Learn how to prepare to work safely in the construction industry.
You will receive:A Statement of Attainment displaying your White Card number immediately after we receive your complying documents and payment. Your White Card and Statement of Attainment will be posted the same day.
 The Statement of Attainment is all that’s needed to commence construction work immediately.
Additional Info:This course replaces the WA Blue Card course.