Five Reasons to Pursue a Construction White Card Online in QLD, WA, NSW or VIC

Have you been thinking about applying for a construction White Card in WA, NSW, QLD or VIC? If so, Narbil Training (RTO number 31890) can help. We have been operating as a registered training organisation since 2009, both as a provider of in-person courses and online learning opportunities. Our White Card course (CPCCWHS1001 - Work Safely in the Construction Industry) falls into the latter category, meaning that you can apply for and earn your construction White Card exclusively online. Getting started in a brand new career has never been as convenient as it is with Narbil Training's 24/7 availability and easy application process.

Why a Construction Career Is a Good Bet

With Narbil Training, you can quickly and conveniently get your construction White Card online—no matter where in the country you live. But why should you pursue this kind of certification? What value does a White Card have, and why might a career in the construction industry be a good bet? Here are five reasons to pursue a construction White Card in VIC, QLD, WA or NSW.

  1. There are jobs. Between Australia's housing boom and growing business epicenters in cities like Sydney, there is plenty of demand right now for talented construction workers. According to The Guardian, private dwelling construction 'contributed 0.49% points to GDP growth' in 2015. With so much building going on, a White Card can be your ticket to a lucrative and busy career in a healthy industry.
  2. There are possibilities for advancement. In construction, promotions might not come the same way they do in an office environment, but they will come if you work hard and improve your craft. Whether you want to become a foreman or project manager for a commercial development company or splinter off and form your own contractor business that specialises in home renovations, there's plenty of room for you to grow, learn and make your own path.
  3. There is honour in it. Many construction workers take pride and honour in what they do because their work has a very direct and far-reaching effect on many lives. Whether you are building a suite of offices where someone will launch their new business, building a bridge that will carry someone to their new life or renovating a home where a couple will raise their first child, you are always affecting someone.
  4. There is a teamwork aspect. When you get your construction White Card in NSW or VIC and move into the building industry, you will rarely be working alone. On the contrary, you will be just one cog in a larger team, and your collective mission will be to build something that didn't exist before. The hard work, problem-solving and lengthy projects often combine to form lifelong friendships between fellow team members.

Start Working Towards You Construction White Card Online with Narbil Training

Are you ready to unlock the job freedom, honour and teamwork that a career in construction can bring? Get in touch with Narbil Training today to start working towards your construction White Card in QLD, WA, VIC, NSW or anywhere in Australia. Click here (http://www.narbiltraining.edu.au/login/) to register an account and get started today.