If You Live in QLD, WA, ACT, NSW, or Queensland, Receive a White Card With Online Training

Narbil Training offers a variety of training programs, among them the White Card (CPCCWHS1001—Work Safety in the Construction Industry) which is mandatory for anyone already in or looking to enter the construction and building industries. We offer competency-based training that aims to make the knowledge and skills taught highly applicable to the workplace. It differs from traditional training in that it is outcome based, and it also serves to provide consistency and a set standard of expertise for all students. For a QLD White Card, there isn’t any better than Narbil Training.

Competency based training offers the benefit of allowing industries to communicate with training institutions about what skills should be taught and what standards need to be reached. Although it is important that our training should be up to the highest standards, it is also important that our students should be treated with respect and dignity. Students should also be provided with a safe learning environment free from risk, abuse, or harassment, have access to their records upon request and have consistent feedback throughout the training process. A White Card from Narbil Training is accepted in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Western Australia (WA), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), and Victoria (VIC)

Benefits of an Online Education

An increasingly popular form of education and training is the online format. For those already working full-time jobs, learning from the computer is convenient because you can complete the work at whatever your convenience. Whether that time is early in the morning or late at night, or even during a break from work, an online education offers you the opportunity to complete your training at the time that works best for you.

Besides the obvious time benefits, there is also the advantage of location. You can do your assignments in the comfort of your own home, in your bed, or even at the dinner table while you're eating. It also saves you time and money that comes from commuting. Get your WA White Card with the convenience of online learning.

Receive an ACT White Card, Also Good for Workers in WA, NSW, and Queensland

We take pride in the fact that our training is of the highest calibre, in-line with industry and national standards. Despite the high-quality of the education, we also make affordability a priority. The entire NSW White Card training course is just $55 for adults and $39 for high school students. One former client testified, "Thank you for help regarding Kyles White Card. He received his card yesterday. The world needs more people like you." We like to think that all our customers leave the training feeling this way. Creating a conducive learning environment that is beneficial to our students and that will continue to improve the safety of the workplace is our utmost priority.

For a Queensland White Card call us on (07) 49721 112.