Narbil Training: Delivering the Best Rigging Courses Out of Gladstone

Narbil Training offers high-quality rigging training that will result in the Basic Rigging High-Risk Work Licence (CPCCLRG3001A – Licence to Perform Rigging Basic Level). This licence is a mandatory requirement under the Workplace Health and Safety Legislation for anybody who wishes to conduct structural steel erection, hoist erection, placement of pre-cast concrete members of a structure, erect safety net and static lines, assemble mast climbers, place shutters and screens, and cantilevered crane loading platforms. For the best rigging courses out of Gladstone, Narbil Training is the practical choice.

Our training program and assessment take place over five days and upon completion you will receive a Statement of Attainment and AS1 Form (Assessment Summary Form.) After which, you are then eligible to apply for your High-Risk Work Licence at Australia Post. Our training program is nationally recognised and affordable at $1699.

Although we place extreme importance on getting you certified so you can safely perform the duties that your job requires, we also place equal emphasis on treating you fairly. Our program is designed so you will be treated with respect and understanding in a learning environment where all participants will be free of risk, abuse, and harassment. You can always have access to your records upon request, we will give you constant feedback throughout the training program, and if you have complaints, we will do our best resolve them. If you need rigging courses in Gladstone, call us on (07) 49721 112.