Prepare to Work in Hospitality in QLD with an RSA and RSG Course Online from Narbil Training

What could be more fun than heading down to a casino with your friends on holiday, having a few beers or cocktails, and gambling a little bit on horse racing, slots, or table games? This scenario is not uncommon in Australia, with many states featuring several hotel and casino establishments. Are you thinking about entering the hospitality industry to work in a similar setting? Before you do so, you should know that the government of Australia has legislated requirements that state you must be educated in areas such as the responsible serving of alcohol and gambling services before a business can hire you. This requirement ensures that you are well prepared for the unique challenges of this type of hospitality environment.

RSA and RSG courses in QLD go hand in hand with one another as alcohol is often consumed while gambling. Narbil Training, a registered training organisation (#31890), provides affordable access to both an RSA and RSG course online for QLD residents. The certificate you earn online will be valid throughout the state, enabling you to apply for jobs that list such courses as requirements for work. Because all of your work is done strictly on the computer, you do not need to spend time travelling to class and paying expensive fees for in-person learning.

A complete education for both RSA and RSG certifications in QLD

Completing both an RSA (SITHFAB002 - Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol) and RSG (SITHGAM001 - Provide Responsible Gambling Services) course will leave you with a wide variety of skills highly necessary to the successful operation of a gaming establishment. Narbil Training will teach you how to recognise intoxication and the point at which an individual should be "cut off" from receiving any more alcoholic beverages. This knowledge enables you to protect yourself, the establishment, and the guest, too.

When it comes to the RSG course, you will learn similar skills, including when and how to assist individuals in "self-exclusion," or voluntary cessation of gambling activities due to potential addiction. Additionally, we will also teach you how to maintain a gaming environment that reduces incidents related to problematic gambling. With all this new knowledge, you will be ready to enter the industry.

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Whether it's the bright lights or the incredible atmosphere that draws you to work in gaming, be sure you have obtained your RSG certificate before applying for jobs in QLD. By taking Narbil Training's RSG course online, preparing for your new career can be done at home in your pyjamas. You will receive a quality education thoughtfully presented in a manner that makes it easy to learn and remember all you need to know. Sign up today and begin the process, and don't forget that you can proceed at your pace. Pay upon completion of your course, and not a moment before - that's the Narbil difference. Concerns or questions about how the process works? We're always happy to help; ring us on (07) 49721 112.