Want to Be a Bartender? Take Your RSA Course Online in QLD, NT, VIC or WA

There are plenty of reasons for why bartending can be a great job. So many people have fallen in love with this career path for its social aspects, night-time hours and fast pace. But while bartending is largely about mixing drinks, recommending different types of beers and forming rapport and camaraderie with your patrons, the job also comes with some tremendous responsibilities.

Indeed, alcohol can be a dangerous substance in numerous ways. It can cause tempers to flare, lead to poor decisions or endanger the people who drink too much of it. As a bartender, you are the 'gatekeeper' between your patrons and the alcoholic beverages they seek. As such, it is your job to decide when someone has had enough, or to diffuse arguments that could evolve into all-out brawls.

Introducing the RSA Certificate

Because of the important responsibilities that a bartender must shoulder every day, there is a certification that you must hold to work a job in this industry. While most employers will not require a higher education degree from their bartenders, all bartenders are required by law to possess RSA Certificates. The RSA Certificate (SITHFAB002 - Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol) proves that the bartender in question has been trained in how to recognise certain risk factors in the course of their job. These risks include excessive intoxication, underage drinking, potential alcohol-fuelled confrontations, drunk driving and more.

At Narbil Training (RTO number 31890), we offer RSA training online in NT, QLD, VIC and WA. Our course was designed in accordance with the National Alcohol Strategy, which was developed by the Australian government to help cut down on the dangers and damages that alcohol can cause when abused. The RSA course, then, teaches you how to minimise the potentially harmful consequences of alcohol by cutting off patrons who have had too much to drink, refusing service to minors or preventing drunk driving or other crimes of intoxication.

Do You Need an RSA Online Course in VIC, QLD, NT or WA?

In most cases, your prospective employers will require you to show proof of an RSA Certificate before hiring you for a bartending job. RSA certification is also necessary for other jobs that involve the service of alcohol, such as wait staff, brewery or winery employees and others. However, bartenders may often be the most scrutinised, since their job is the one that most directly involves serving alcohol to patrons. By requiring their bartenders and other employees to have RSA certification, restaurants, bars and other liquor-serving businesses can avoid legal liability issues, reduce their insurance premiums and avoid government fines.

The bottom line? If you wish to work as a bartender, you are going to need the Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol certification. At Narbil Training, we make it easy providing 24/7 RSA courses online, with certifications that are valid in four Australian territories.

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