Do You Need an RSA Certification Before You Start Work? Learn Where to Get One Online in QLD, SA, WA or NT

Are you about to start work in the food service or hospitality industries? If so, then there is a good chance you might need an RSA Certificate before you can legally start your new job. RSA stands for 'Responsible Service of Alcohol.' As such, if you are going to be serving beer, wine, liquor or any alcoholic beverages as part of your job, then Australian law demands that you have an RSA Certificate to do so.

About Narbil Training and Our RSA Program Online in SA, WA, NT and QLD

If you do need to get your RSA Certificate and need a quick and convenient way to do so, then Narbil Training might be able to help. We are a registered training organisation based in Queensland (RTO number 31890). However, since many of our course offerings are available online, we can provide training and certification to students throughout Australia.

Our RSA program is available online (SITHFAB002 - Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol) with no upfront payment required. A $55 payment is due upon completion of the course, which you can work through when you have time. Narbil Training's online courses are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please do note that an RSA earned online through Narbil Training is only valid in QLD, SA, WA and NT. We do not yet offer this particular course for individuals living and working in New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory or Tasmania.

What the RSA Training Program Teaches (And Whether or Not You Need It)

Different Australian states have their own distinct rules, regulations and guidelines when it comes to the RSA Certificate. For instance, in Queensland, you can be hired for a job that involves the service of alcohol without an RSA Certificate, but must obtain one within 30 days of hiring. Other states are not as lenient and may require an RSA Certificate on your first day of work. It's worth reviewing the laws in your region to see what the rules are.

While the rules about when you need your RSA vary, though, all states do require the RSA Certificate for jobs that involve the service of alcohol. For the most part, Responsible Service of Alcohol courses stress the importance of identifying over-intoxication, alcohol abuse, underage drinking and other potentially dangerous occurrences. If a patron has imbibed too much alcohol, for instance, the bartender or waiter may have a responsibility to cut him off. Similarly, a bartender has a responsibility to take an overly intoxicated patron's keys (or otherwise prevent that person from getting behind the wheel of a car).

These are important skills and responsibilities to understand in virtually any work environment where alcohol is served. As such, you will need to get an RSA Certificate if you will be working at a restaurant, bar, brewery, winery, distillery, liquor store or even a catering company that serves food and drink at events. Even flight attendants require an RSA Certificate since liquor is often served on flights.

If you aren't sure whether or not you need an RSA Certificate, just ask your boss or prospective employer. If you do need this kind of certification to start work, choose Narbil Training for an accessible RSA online path in NT, QLD, WA or SA. Call us today on (07) 49721 112 to learn more about our RSA program.