Asbestos in Homes, a Danger to the Home Owners

Research conducted by the University of Western Australia found that home renovation’s exposes individuals to the dangers of asbestos. There are clear initiatives aimed at alerting several home owners to this kind of danger.  Inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious illness.

There are safety precautions to be taken when renovating or building your home.  Asbestos, if it is kept in good condition during renovations will not pose a health or safety risk to owner’s safety.  Home builders have legal obligations under harmonized work health and safety laws.  Builders should be trained on how asbestos should be properly managed and removed.

Master Builders Australia, which is the governing body for the building and construction industry in Australia, plans to remove asbestos from all homes in the long term. There are several educational initiatives made to inform home owners and builders on safety and health risks of asbestos.  At the same time, builders are encouraged to take several safety building and construction programs so that they become certified in safety construction measures.  Home owners who want to make sure that the contractors they are hiring are certified on safety and precaution measures can demand to see if the workers own a white card.

Builders can conveniently take several safety construction courses online to acquire a white card. There are several courses to choose from and it will only take a few weeks or days, depending on your chosen pace.  Online training courses on the dangers of asbestos as well as safety precautions in renovation and construction projects are included in the training course which is performed online.

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