WHO IS NT (Part 2)


So John joined Narbil Training 6 months after it’s inception.

That had a dual benefit to the business:

* it relieved Bill & Narelle of total time spent within the business

* it provided some much needed technical expertise to the organisation.

John’s skills and ability had a positive effect on the business, which resulted in further growth!!

Noting that the business was still a 24/7 operation, John used to run the office during the day and Bill & Narelle continued to control things from 5pm – 7am (or whenever John arrived!!).

As online training continued to rise in popularity, Narbil Training also blossomed and the little semi retirement gig was becoming too much for John,  Bill and Narelle to manage.

Maintaining the original concept of Narbil being a family business, the search for a new Narbil employee therefore had to started within the extended family.

Second son Joe’s wife was busy doing her thing in Childcare, and took the brave move to change careers after no less than 10 years in the industry.

To be continued…

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