FAQs – Food Handling

Is my Food Handling Certificate recognised in every State/Territory of Australia?

Each State/Territory of Australia has its own requirements for Food Handling training. Local Governments also have input in to what training is and is not required.

We recommend you speak with your local government/council representative in order to ensure you comply.

Do I have to have a webcam in order to complete my Food Handling Certificate?

No – You can complete your Food Handling Certificate without using a webcam however upon completion you will be required to complete a self-declaration (we supply this) and provide proof of identity.

Do I need to supply identification?

Yes – You need to supply the following:

  • Either one form of Photographic Identification:
    • A current and valid driver’s licence
    • An 18 plus card
    • A current school identification card
    • Other current photographic identification card/document/licence issued by the Australian Government or relevant Australian state or territory
    • A current and valid Australian passport
    • A current and valid international passport, WITH ACCOMPANYING VISA
  • Or at least three other forms of non-photographic identification – one of which must contain your current residential address:
    • A Medicare card, birth certificate, credit card, land title record, rates notice, public utility account, telephone account etc.

Is my progress saved or must I complete the course in one sitting?

All progress is saved. You are not required to complete your course in one sitting.

What if I have lost my Certificate?

If you have lost your Certificate from Narbil Training we can provide you a replacement at no cost.

To start the process, send an email to support@narbiltraining.edu.au with your personal particulars (name, DOB etc.) and state you have lost your Certificate.