Food Safety Supervisor
(Known As Level 2)

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1-3 hrs


SITXFSA002 - Participate in safe food handling practices
Anyone who is in a supervisory role whilst working in the hospitality industry where food is prepared and/or served i.e. cafes, restaurants
Self paced, online- average time taken is 1-3 hours
Statement of Attainment issued after receipt of your complying Paper Work
Course specific – please see the FAQ section for more information
$90*– paid upon completion of course

*Food Handling/Safety and Food Safety Supervisor package price available - $130

Further Information


Each state/territory has different course requirements for Food Safety Supervisor Training. It is imperative that anyone seeking employment in the food industry check with the Licensing Body for the relevant state/territory they intend to work in.

This training is appropriate to Food Safety Supervisors and Management.

If you required the "Use hygienic practices for food safety" please Click Here.

For further information please read the FAQ section.