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White Card - CPCCWHS1001 Work Safely in the Construction Industry
Anyone who is, or intends to, work in the construction industry or enter a construction site requires a White Card
Self paced, online - average time taken is 2-4 hours
Statement of Attainment and wallet sized White Card issued.
Proof of Identity and other documentation depending on course.
$39 High School Students (*Requires Student ID)

*High School Student discount - Participants MUST provide current High School Student identification to receive the discount.

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Step 1.
Register your details, including name, address, email address and phone number. No payment required until course is complete.

Step 2.
Once you are registered you can start the White Card course immediately. The course consists of 4 sections and an assessment. Each section contains a group of questions related to each of the four topics, OHS legislative requirements, OHS communication, construction hazards and control measure and incident response procedures. White Card questions are generally answered either true or false, or in some cases a missing word from a sentence must be entered. All questions have a ‘View Helpme’ button which links to a page containing the relevant information to answer the question correctly. If the answer is incorrect, the course will not move forward until the question has been answered correctly.

Step 3.
Once all questions in all sections have been answered correctly, and the necessary documentation and payment received by Narbil Training (proof of identity and other documentation depending on state), a statement of attainment will be sent to you by email. Once this has been received you are free to start work. A White Card will follow by post shortly after.

Further White Card Information


What is a White Card?

The CPCCOHS1001A - Work Safely in the Construction Industry “White Card” has replaced the old Blue Card, Red Card and Green Cards which are no longer issued. A White Card is a legal requirement for anyone who works, or intends on working, on a construction site.

Where is a White Card Valid?

Each state and territory issues their own version of the White Card, the course is based on a national standard.

All White Cards are nationally recognised in all the Australian states and territories – if you have a card for one jurisdiction it is recognised in all the other states and territories.

How do I get a White Card?

A White Card is obtained by completing CPCCOHS1001A – Work Safely in the Construction Industry course. The course can be completed classroom style or online.

Many people complete an online course rather than a face to face course in their own state; this is due to the price and convenience of online training.

What does a White Card Course Cover?

A White Card course covers all aspects of safety on site, including identifying construction hazards and control measures, OHS legislative requirements, OHS communication, and incident response procedures.

For further information please read the FAQ section.